Herrgårdshotellet is situated in Laxå, in a strategic setting between the cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. The house, which was built in 1818 as the hunting house for the Herrgård from Laxå, was fully renovated to accomodate 4 beautiful and spacious rooms in the top floor and an elegant cafeteria in the first floor.

The place went through a major renovation that lasted a little over two years to ensure the place was brought to the highest standards in both accomodation and security. On the other hand not everything is new: most of its furniture is antique in order to maintain its personality and beauty.

Even if the house is situated just two blocks from the major road E20 and and the intersecting 205, it finds itself far enough that no sound is heard, creating a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by a natural setting.

We are located in Herrgårdsvägen 18, Laxå, 69532.

Warm Welcome!